Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More updates to my Teacher Web-Page

Since the start of school in August, I have been continuing to work on updating my teacher web-page. I have added the following tabs:

1) I can READ music - here I have included two links to practice pages that have been designed to assist students in developing their music reading skills. After clicking one of the links, students will see a pattern, read the pattern, then hear the pattern read to them. Students may practice their audiating, singing, and rhythmic chanting skills with these practice links, as well. I can READ music tab link

2) Documents & Handouts - here I have uploaded important documents (including recorder order forms, reading music study guides, and music tests). Documents & Handouts link

3) Recorder Karate (revised) - here I have revised the information about playing the recorder, our recorder karate program, and other information about the recorder. Recorder Karate link

4) Photo Gallery - here I have uploaded pictures of my classroom including descriptions. Photo Gallery link

I have also been spending time creating/revising midterm and final music tests to align with National, State, and district standards and frameworks. It is also my hope to share these with parents so they are informed about which particular concepts and skills their children are learning at various times. I have been working on posting these on my teacher web-page, as well.

I hope that I will soon be able to add more specific information for each grade-level tab about the specific concepts and skills that are covered throughout the year. I also plan on adding concert information under the Concerts tab as time progresses.

 How have you utilized your teacher web-page this year?

Mrs. Rene

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Good article about 'Music Together'

This is a good article about 'Music Together,' an early-childhood music program:

..."The best way to help your child prepare for eventual music lessons is to provide a rich environment with active music experiences...” ...“Young children learn through play, so singing, saying rhythmic rhymes, and moving to music are not only fun but beneficial.”

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sprucing up my Classroom Teacher Web-Page

Every August I begin to catch 'Back-to-School' fever. I really do enjoy my summers off, especially now that I have my wonderful little boy (20 months-old) to share them with! Now I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of great ideas to implement for the new school-year!

I took an online PLN (Public Learning Network) workshop this summer and have many new resources for ideas. For my first project, I have begun to update and spruce up my Classroom Teacher Web-Page... and YES, BEFORE school has officially begun! It's nice to get started now because I don't have the added pressure of a zillion projects like I normally do during the school-year, so I've been able to focus better on how I wanted to change things. (This is through TeacherWeb; my school principal pays for this account on a yearly basis, but you can create your own teacher web page for free using Google or another free site.)

I've updated my homepage to include a First Day Back to School and Making Music welcome. I plan on continuing to utilize this home-page-tab to announce anything important throughout the school-year, sort of like a blog... :)

I created this new tab - it's where I'll post the title, date, and practice web-site* for grade-level concerts. Each grade I teach has one concert per year. Typically we have themed concerts- we have so much fun with them! (*I create these pages using Glogster, where you can create posters online and imbed audio, video, images, etc. Here's an example of a first grade concert Glog I've created). These concert links were placed under grade-level tabs in the past, but I thought it would be better to keep them separate now so I can focus on writing grade-level specific items in 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade. I would like to spend some time typing up grade-level-specific goals of our curriculum and year-long activities in these areas.

Recorder Karate
I have this tab that I would also like to update and add a little more to, as well. We start recorders in the third grade. They can earn 3 belts per year: 3 in 3rd grade, 3 in 4th, and 3 in 5th.

Links for KIDS! and Links for PARENTS!
I previously had only one tab labeled 'Links.' I thought it would make better sense to divide them into two separate links. I would like to spend a little more time researching more links and adding them to these sections.

About the Teacher
I updated this tab a little more.

Wish ListWhy Music Matters, and Summer Activities
I didn't change (nor do I have plans to change in the near future) the last 3 tabs.

Questions for YOU:
Do you have a classroom teacher web-page? If so, what updates have you made or do you want to make and why? What are some ways you get your students and their parents to visit your web-page on a regular basis?

Let me know what you think!

Mrs. Rene

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What Every Music Teacher Wants You To Know

I just read this article that was re-posted on another music teacher's blog and thought I'd share it with you all:

I don't think I am cynical about my profession, but I could certainly appreciate the author's points. I view teaching music to be just as important as teaching any other subject. It is nice to hear from others who agree and support music education. 

What are your thoughts?

Mrs. Rene

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So You Want to Be a Music Major

My college professor from my undergrad program just released this new book. It seems like it would be a great resource for High School Students interested in pursuing Music Education. Please consider checking it out and/or passing the word along to HS Music teachers you may know. Thank you :)

Mrs. Rene

Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello music friends,

I would like to begin my first post to this blog with an introduction:

My name is Roxanne Rene (last name sounds like "rainy"). This is my very first time 'blogging' and I am excited about the possibilities for connecting with other fellow educators. I would like to be able to share my thoughts, ideas, and questions with the vast professional community of teachers that collaborate via the web.

I taught General Music to grades K-8 in Lowell, MA for my first year of teaching in 2005/2006. It was the most challenging year of my career, not only because it was my first year teaching, but mainly because it was an inner-city school where I had very little support. I have since learned to be extremely grateful for this experience: it gave me courage, strength, and the determination to go after my dreams.

I went on to become an Elementary General Music teacher in a suburban town nearby, Wilmington, MA, for my second year; and it is where I have remained since 2006. I absolutely fell in love with the position, teaching grades 1-3 in a town where I was very supported. I taught the ages I loved in a community that highly valued Music Education, as well as the other Arts.

Over the past 7 years, my job has changed a bit from teaching grades 1-3 in one building to traveling among three different buildings teaching grades K-5. Next year I will be back at one building again only teaching grades 1-3, but some of my time will also be utilized as an "Interventionist" collaborating with classroom teachers for reading interventions. Despite these changes, I truly have a passion for "What-I-Do" and I couldn't imagine teaching anywhere else - I LOVE MY JOB!!!

After teaching for 8 years, I have learned that nothing stays the same (not for very long, at least) in education (and in life, for that matter!). I should be prepared for change and open to it, so it will not catch me off-guard. Therefore, when things DO change (for better or for worse) I will be able to find the positive aspects and remain happy.

I am not perfect, but I aim to improve with each passing year. The Summer is a great time to rest, relax, and feel refreshed! I always start to get excited about the next school-year early in August and my creative ideas begin to play-out. I'm hoping that with this new music blog, my growth will be greater than I could achieve on my own.

How has your career changed over the years, and what positives were you able to draw from those experiences?

What has been your experience collaborating with classroom teachers/specialists to support RTI (Response to Intervention) and provide reading support in your schools?

Mrs. Rene